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Dr. Fort provides safe chiropractic care treatments to patients that not only relieve pain, but fix and repair the problem.
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FDM is very new to the world, but we’ve seen its true potential. If you want to know what FDM can do for all of your aches and pains.
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Functional Movement Taping

Curious how Rocktape, an elastic endurance tape, can support your body in the healing process?
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If you need to find relief. If you want to feel better. If you’re tired of just “managing” the pain and of people who can’t fix it.
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What I Do

Although many injuries vary in type, I find that using FDM (the Fascial Distortion Model) works best for resolving your pain and getting you back out there doing what you love.

  • How We Treat Plantar Fasciitis

  • How We Treat IT Band Syndrome

  • How We Treat Carpel Tunnel

  • Megan Jepson

    “Dr. Fort is the best there is. I trust his expertise in ART and Chiropractics, for all of my injuries, aches and/or pains.

    He is knowledgeable and informative throughout each of my treatments. Post treatment, gives me confidence when I leave with relief and peace of mind. That to me is priceless. Thank you Dr. Fort!”

  • Mike S.

    “As a competitive Powerlifter, Olympic Weightlifter and now Kettlebell Sport athlete, my body has endured all kinds of stress over the years… I feel very grateful to have found Dr. Fort about 5 years ago and consider him an invaluable part of my overall training protocol.

    His first class experience coupled with a quest for knowledge makes him a phenomenal practitioner. Dr. Fort’s unique use of ART produces immediate benefits that have allowed me to push my training to new heights safely. I see Dr. Fort not only as a great fit for athletes, but also for anyone in pain- even my 78-year-old grandmother with severe arthritis sees him. To sum it all up, Dr. Fort is excellent at what he does and genuinely cares about the people he sees.”

  • Julia Stewart

    Dr. Fort is awesome! He has an amazing knowledge of human anatomy, and it’s because of him I can get into deep and challenging Yoga poses.

    His Active Release Technique is extremely effective, and always leaves me feeling like I can do anything.

  • Angela

    “Dr. Fort has worked on me for many years. His combination of gentle chiropractic and Active Release Technique, which is one of his specialties, works so well for me and I should add I have spinal problems as a result of an accident. He had a great bedside manner and is upbeat and encouraging.”


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