Functional Movement Taping

There is nothing in this universe more active than the human body. It has boundless potential and energy. Because of this the human body is also dynamic. We’ve found that the key to healing lies in movement. No matter if you’re a professional athlete or a stay at home parent, if you’re injured, you deserve the best in health.

That’s where Rocktape comes in. Rocktape is an elastic endurance tape designed for use in supporting your body in the healing process. With it’s distinct unidirectional stretch pattern you won’t find any reduction in your range of motion, just support in whatever it is that makes you incredible.

Rocktape is designed with a unique stretch and superior adhesive, and creates a bio-mechanical lifting mechanism. These all aid in reducing fatigue, stabilizing your active joints, and helps you find proper form when you’re at your peak.

While it is amazing for injuries, it also helps your coordination in movement. When you are most active you begin to fatigue. When you get fatigued you being to lose form. When you lose form you stop. We can keep you going. Health isn’t just about the muscles you’re working, it’s about all of your muscles working in unison.

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