On Your First Visit

On Your First Visit

How We Treat

A patient complaint is addressed using a three part treatment system to first control pain and then restore function.

First, the patient is examined and functionally and orthopedically tested to determine the nature of the complaint.

Second, if appropriate, the patient is treated with FDM to address the Fascial system, and then treated with hands on functional release for the muscular part of the system. This known as Manual Therapy.

Third, the patient is given Chiropractic adjustments for the affected regions as needed, and then educated on self-myofascial release and exercises to stabilize the area of complaint.

What To Do

If it’s your first time receiving treatment call us at 650-486-1857 to set up an appointment. If you’ve already been seen Click Here schedule an appointment.

What To Wear

FDM and other manual therapies are performed with skin contact and so please wear or bring clothing that gives the doctor access to the region of complaint.